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“My goal is to share my creativity and passion for styling, and through this creativity, encourage women to have the confidence to go after the style and the life that they want.”
— Danielle Nicole


Style Is My Obsession is an online personal styling service dedicated to helping women improve their sense of style, elevate their confidence, and transform their self-image. I believe your style is a personal reflection of who you are and should be thoughtfully crafted and thoroughly executed. My brand’s mission is to inspire women to invest in themselves, create a life that they love, and celebrate their flyness through their wardrobe and personal style. 

With beginnings as a social media presence, Style Is My Obsession has transitioned daily style inspirations and outfit ideas into an online styling business with the goal of providing a service that is not only inspirational, but also personal, polished, and professional. 

There's a formula to great style and I am committed to helping my clients create the formula that works best for them and brings out their best style potential one outfit at a time. - Danielle Nicole